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Our planet has been maintained with the beautiful and abundant nature
for millions of years. We are now required to change from “mass consumption
society of resources” to “sustainable society in harmony with the earth environment”. “ Environment-friendly and sustainable society” is now a key word for manufacturing as well.

Mikro kosmos Inc.(MKI) has ever executed the development of materials in harmony with the environment. That is more recycling rate of resources
and less load to the environment. These activities will leave the safe and comfortable society for the next generation.

“Eco Fine” is the product developed from such a work and the excellent binder for various paving materials for walk ways. The combination of Eco Fine and one/some aggregates is permeable. The permeable pavement is friendly to the environment.

Spray-coating is usually the last process of manufacturing, and it has several functions such as 1. better appearance, 2. protection, 3. add value on the product and it is very important process of manufacturing. However, we have to say that the spray-coating working site is not environment-friendly.
Even though, it has been required to improve working environment in the spray-coating industry, working environment has not improve yet.

Mikro Kosmos Inc.(MKI) invented a brand new spray unit called “ SSU:Smart Spray Unit”. This SSU project was subsidized by “Monodukuri Kakushinjigyo 2013” sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and a prototype model was developed. After having various tests on SSU, we successfully achieved to improve SSU. By using SSU, our users can get spray-coating with better finish as well as the reduction of paint consumption and spraying man-hours. As a result, we can offer better working environment and cost reduction by using SSU.

Mikro Kosmos Inc. (MKI) would like to contribute to Environment-friendly and sustainable society” by our innovation.

Mikro Kosmos Inc.(MKI)
President   Shoichi Abe

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社名 Mikro Kosmos Inc. (MKI)
CEO Shoichi Abe
Address 〒173-0004
2-39-8, Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact TEL:03-6905-7707       
FAX: 03-5375-3244   
Establishment July 8, 1999
Business R&D and sales for SSU (Smart Spray Unit) 
R&D and sales for Ecofine(Adhesive for permeable paving material)
Partners JFE Engineering Corporation
The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Shin Itabashi Branch
Sugamo Shinkin Bank Komagome branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Ikebukuro Branch


 Mikro Kosmos Inc. was established in 1999. Our business starated from R&D and sales for binder (Binder that forms a permeable pavement such as a promenade(Adhesive for paving materials)). Recently, we focus on R&D for Smart Spray Unit (SSU), which was invented under the support of “Monozukuri Kakshijigyo 2013” sponsored byMETI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). With that support, a prototype model of SSU was developed, and we conducted varioustests on SSU, such as functional test. SSU was improved and we are at the sales stage at this point. We obtained a patent (Patent No.6095081) for SSU, and we are also applying for the international patent.