About SSU
SSU(Smart Spray Unit) is "a new concept module for coating system, which optimizes and diversifies spray-coat performance. SSU was invented under the support of "Monozukuri Kakushinjigyo 2013" sponsored by METI of Japanese Government.
Effect (comparison test results)
We conducted comparison test between conventional method and SSU method, and we found out following results. ・Reduce paint consumption: Maxmim 43% ・Higher density of film:Maximum 45% ・Better finish
Storage module(M1) + Control module(M2) + Warming-retention air hose Warming-retention air hose (10m long) put in Control Module(M2)
Automobiles, Bikes, Special motor vehicles (ex.: Buses, Dump trucks), Construction machinery etc
SSU Test Coating -Movie-
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Recruitment of SSU Agents
Mikro Kosmos is looking for a distributor of SSU (Smart Spray Unit).
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