Eco Fine (English)

Eco Fine

We have been thinking about
“sustainable society, environment and the earth “
Mikro Kosmos Inc.
Aiming to accomplish the Recycling Society and World,
we are doing the research and development of fine products
in harmony with
the environment and the future.

 The Conversion from ” Mass consumption society of natural resources” to “Harmonized society with the earth environment” is now the inevitable global issue.
The reuse and recycling of wastes will be much more important issue in the future. As the environmental problem is getting more and more aggravated, the concern with the environment protection rises year by year, and the recycling business will grow up and establish in the future. Recycling products will bear our future due to the limit of natural resources and the acceptable environment.
 “Eco Fine” is the product developed from such a work and is the most useful binder for the recycling aggregate.
 “Eco Fine ” is a product with high safety by which air pollution, the river contamination and soil pollution are not caused. We have been researching and developing the various utilization of “Eco Fine “, ex. paving materials.

Eco Fine have been developed to realize
our comfortable space and world.
High permeability and durability in harmony with the environment

Features of Eco Fine

  1. Fine Rock which is the combination of Eco Fine and one/some aggregates is permeable and more than 3 times of permeable concrete in strength.
  2. Excellent in durability, salinity tolerance, wear-proof, staining proof and little stiffening shrinkage.
  3. Harmonious item with the environment, which is capable of making those of melted slag, glass sands, rubber chips, wood chips, etc. useful as recycling ones.
  4. Adjustable curing time and flexible construction/molding.
  5. Keeping natural colors of various aggregates and excellent in landscape.
  6. Capable of coloring some aggregates.
Applicable to the construction of various aggregates.

A product line of Eco Fine

EF-1100 ( urethane resin)
Compositionsynthetic resin = 18kg/can
Applicationpavement, concrete molds and adhesive for concrete products
Aggregatessands, crushed stones, melted slag and glass sands
Featuresnon discoloration of mixed aggregates,
simple work on-site due to one(1) resin
EF-2200 (urethane resin)
Compositionsynthetic resin = 18kg/can
Applicationpavement of rubber chips, wood chips, etc
Aggregatesrubber chips, wood chips, etc.
Featuressimple work on-site due to one(1) resin
EF-2800 (urethane resin)
Compositionsynthetic resin = 18kg/can
Applicationpavement of rubber chips, etc
Aggregatesrubber chips, etc.
Featuresnon discoloration of mixed aggregates,
simple work on-site due to one(1) resin
EF-3300 (acrylic resin)
Compositionsynthetic resin = 18kg/can
ApplicationNon-flying and transparent top coat of natural color stones,
wood chips, rubber chips, board, etc.
Features Just spraying work on site
Eco Fine are

  1. the most suitable binders for various recycling aggregates
    including wastes.
  2. new material binders of high performance and
    high functions.

  1. Eco Fine are the most suitable binders for the recycling aggregates of various wastes such as garbage incineration ash (melted slag), used glasses, waste plastics, rubber chips of tires, etc which have never been given enough strength by other binders.
  2. Eco Fine are applicable to various fields.
  3. Eco Fine are products developed aiming at the economy with the performance and the function, and one of the new materials useful for the environmental protection and comfortable world which are requested now and in the future.

Fine Business

A lot of advantages on the construction with Eco Fine

  1. Eco Fine has been applied to various fields and obtained a good evaluation with high performance and durability.
  2. The excellent quality has been proved by various test data.
  3. Eco Fine are at lower cost than the previous binders, the most suitable for waste aggregate(s) and one of the high secure materials.
  4. Moreover, various advantages of simple construction, short caring time, etc.

Comparison Table

– for structure not for make-up
– not strength for structure

ItemFine Rock (*)Permeable concreteResin pavement
Constructionability– easy construction
– walkable in a short time
– easy construction
– walkable in a long time
– easy construction
– walkable in a some time
Viewing/Design– keeping coloring of natural stones
– various designs are possible
– limited design– keeping natural color of aggregates
– various designs are possible
Durability– excellent– surface gravel are partially broken– excellent
Functionality– high permeability
– structure and make-up
material can be constructed at the same time
– for structure not for make-up
(*)Mixture of FF-1000 & #7macadam aggregate

Simple construction

Fine World

We contributes to the achievement of the recycling society.
The waste aggregates such as rubber chips, wood chips, etc are reused
as one of the paving materials by Eco Fine
Eco Fine enables recycling of resource.

 The recycling aggregate, which is made from the wastes such as empty pots/bottles, abolition tires, thinned lumber, general garbage, and colloidal sediment, has been widely made the best use of for paving materials, etc with Eco Fine.
 By using Eco Fine, we can present various kinds of paving materials various of which features are suitable for base and excellent in permeability and elasticity.
It is, therefore, possible to make pavement roads easy and tender for walking even on the raining day.
 We will contribute to the achievement of the recycling society, through developing and manufacturing suitable products for human beings, the environment and the earth.

Eco Fine is applicable to various aggregates.

Many kinds of the aggregates can be utilized.

Eco Fine is used in various places due to its wide application and excellent design.

 Fine Rock, which consists of Eco Fine and aggregate(s), is the most suitable for the park, the plaza, the parking and the tree circle. Eco Fine have been adopted by some local governments and Fine Rock has been widely used in the public places.
 As it is excellent in the sight viewing and the function, it is possible to comply with various designs and to present comfortable environment.

We have developed products such as a gutter plate, a rain water box and planter which makes use of the permeability of Eco Fine.