About SSU

SSU – High-efficiency, versatile new coating equipment

 SSU(Smart Spray Unit) is “a new concept module for coating system, which optimizes and diversifies spray-coat performance.  SSU was invented under the support of “Monodukuri Kakushinjigyo 2013” sponsored by METI of Japanese Government.

Mikro Kosmos Inc. obtained a patent in February 2017. (Patent No.6095081)

Product Name: SSU (Smart Spray Unit)

SSU improves on the following problems facing in the spraying industry.

  1. Reduce the paint consumption (Approx 10-40%)
  2. Reduce the time of spraying
  3. Improve the quality of spraying
  4. Improve the working environment
  5. Reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission

Product Features and functional features

Product features

Movable : SSU has casters which allows you to use it anywhere you like.
Explosion proof

Functional features

  1. Treatment of carrier gas: SSU treats carrier gas with dehumidification and purification to make it a high quality and send it to spraying gun.
  2. Air storage: SSU stores the treated carrier gas into a tank prepared between compressor and spraying gun.  It prevents the pulsing flow of carrier gas and stabilizes its flowability to prepare better (lower pressure) spraying condition.
  3. Warming and its retention: SSU warms the treated carrier gas and its air hose retains the temperature, which can make even higher viscosity / less solvent paint easier to spray.
  4. Choice of carrier gases: SSU can use other carrier gses like nitrogen than compressed air, which means SSU can be versatile module for not only “coating” but also “ohter sprayings”.
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